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Adoptable Dogs
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Donations Needed:

Here’s the part of rescue that I am really not very good at. Running a rescue is time consuming , emotionally draining and expensive. I can do the time and I can recharge my emotional battery, but asking anybody for anything comes difficult for me. Asking for financial help is a necessary part of any non profit organization, and I’m not good at it so please bear with me.

We average about 200 visitors to our website each day. If every visitor would donate $1.00, I would no longer have sleepless nights about how to afford to save a new Akita orphan or maintain the older dogs we have that are unlikely to ever find a new home.


o Donating is easy. Just click on the PayPal icon on this page and follow the directions. You can mail a check directly to us at: 

Blue Moon Akita Rescue, Inc.
% Broadview Kennels
2155 S Havana St
Aurora CO  80014

o Donate in memory of a four legged family member or as a gift to the friend who has everything. Your donation will be acknowledged to the person it is made in the name of and on the Rainbow Bridge page of our site and you will receive a receipt acknowledging your tax deductable donation.

o Daily we receive requests to take dogs. A lot of requests. What we seldom see is someone who wants us to take a dog they are willing to sponsor (we do have one Akita Angel – Polly – and she is phenomenal about sponsoring orphans).

o Often we get dogs who need emergency medical care and to be returned to health before they can be adopted. It would be so nice to actually have a rainy day fund for those dogs.


Please become part of our dream and help by donating.

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Want to Donate by Check?

Donations by check can be made payable to Blue Moon Akita Rescue Inc. and mailed to

Blue Moon Akita Rescue, Inc.
% Broadview Kennels
2155 S Havana St
Aurora CO  80014

Please note whether you want your donation to be acknowledged as a gift for someone or in the memory or someone. If you are sending a donation in memory of an Akita who has crossed the Bridge, please try also to include or e-mail me a photo so that we can post the picture and our thanks on our Rainbow Bridge page.

You will also receive a receipt acknowledging your donation.


Thank you for helping to make a difference for our orphans!

Official Best Of 2015

Thank You for Visiting Us Today ...

Welcome to Blue Moon Akita Rescue.  You will see that our rescue and our website are perhaps not as formal as some folks would expect.  That would be because I'm a pretty informal person.   But please don't confuse informality with our level of dedication or professionalism or our dedication to the Akita breed.


 I've been involved with Akitas and their rescue for over 40 years now.  I don't have all the answers, but I am pretty good at finding what I need to know. I'm always glad to share information with other animal people.  Here at Blue Moon, we don't just love Akitas ... we LIVE Akitas.  Every day.  


So, grab a cup of coffee or tea (or whatrever is your beverge of choice) and join me as we talk dogs...and cats...and plants ... no politics, no religion on this website except to say in our home we love God and Country and believe in honoring our responsibilities and keeping our promises.


Everyone who adopts a dog from us enters into a written contract.  It is a legal document, and the law seems to think legal documents are important.  More than that though, if you get one of our dogs, you get our word that you are never going to be left hanging and that we will always honor our word.  What we get from you is your word that you will do right by your new family member.  Every minute of every day.  


Here in Colorado, we generally think that a person's word should be at least as good as a legal contract.  At Blue Moon, you get both and the understanding that it is always about the DOG ... first and foremost.  Do right by the Akita whose life is entrusted to you because we will.  For those of us who are Blue Moon Akita Rescue, it's always about those who have no voice and no choice.  It's that simple.


If you think we're just a shelter adopting out dogs ... please visit another website because you really are not going to want to spend time dealing with us.  We wish you well and know that you and any animal you may get  from someone else, somewhere else will ever be in our thoughts and prayers.


Since 1973, we have been quietly going about the business of rescuing Akitas in need, rehabilitating as needed, training as needed and then when the dog is ready physically and emotionaly, only then do we begin the business of finding them the right home that will, this time, really be forever. We don't place as many dogs as a lot of rescues, but we have one of the lowest return rates you will find; that's because we do our homework on the front end.


We love every Akita who comes in here and each Akita who comes to us leaves with an ironclad promise that we will always be there for him, no questions asked.


Although I have personally been doing Akita rescue at one level or another since 1973, Blue Moon Akita Rescue, Inc. has been a Colorado corporation since 2010.  In 2014 we became a part of Rising Son Rescue, Inc., a Colorado corporation formed in 2014 and recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501C3 non-profit corporation.   Your donations are tax deductable and will be receipted for your tax purposes.


Since 2010 we have placed about 82 assorted dogs, cats, kittens and a reptile or two.  Our focus is Akitas but if it breathes and needs help and we are in a position to do so, we help. if we can't, we really try to find someone who can.   Each year our placement rate has remained pretty steady and that's because we are always running full and trying to do more with less (and sometimes with virtually nothing). 


Sometimes we fail, and that's the really hard thing about doing rescue.  No matter how many you save, every day somebody dies because nobody stepped up.   If that's not enough to make you lose sleep at night, perhaps animal rescue is not something you should be involved in.


People ask why we have dogs here from all across the United States.  The answer is simple.  There are only about six active Akita rescues in this country and we are all always full.  Some of the dogs come to us brought by owners who can no longer keep their dogs.  Some come to us at the request of one of our sister Akita rescues.  Some come to us from places we'd never heard of but that have a director or a volunteer who has been searching online for an Akita rescue.  Sometimes we are the last stop after no one else was in a position to take in another Akita orphan.  Saying "no" then is about the most heartbreaking thing that I do because I know that Blue Moon was the last stop. 


The one thing we ask of all of our dogs is good temperament.  It is understood that Akitas are not the most cordial of breeds when it comes to dealing with their own kind; we know they have a strong prey drive, and we love the personality and heart of the breed that is loyal to their family and, true to the tradition of the Samauri, is willing to give everything -- including their life -- to protect those entrusted into their care .  We understand and embrace those things that make the Akita who they are.  We do, however, expect our dogs to display good temperament and a willingness to learn new things.  We are physically unable to take every dog that people want to bring us, but the dogs we take we are prepared to stand behind for the rest of their lives.



Thank you for visiting us today.  Our site was last updated on Monday, March 23, 2016.

Smitten ...

Blue Moon Akita Rescue
Holding hands with an Akita makes any day brighter

The Beginning


 I saw my first Akita in 1972 and the rest, as they say, is history.  I simply could not believe how amazingthis big bear of a dog was ... or how completely he was ignoring me.  I waited next to the vehicle with this gorgeous dog until the dog's owner came out. I said "Is this your dog? And the guy (a little apprehensively) said "Yep, what'd he do now?" We chatted, and he called his Akita ("Point") out of the truck and Point then gave me my first experience with the aloofness of the adult male Akita. I was hooked, totally and forever under the spell of the Akita. 


Remember, I've been around almost since before fire.  In the dark ages before the internet, information about unusual things was a little more difficult to come by, and the Akita was at that time classified as a "rare breed" in the United States and not yet recognized by the AKC.  When I asked the public library for information on the Akita, the reference librarian said "A What?"


In 1973 I got my first Akita puppy and later rescued and rehomed my first Akita.  Since then we have evolved into Blue Moon Akita Rescue and been working with Akitas and continued doing Akita rescue at one level or another.  It's been an interesting ride.  We have been a Colorado corporation and a 501C3 Non Profit recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service since 2010.  In 2011 we placed about 82 assorted dogs, cats, kittens and a reptile or two. 


Our focus is Akitas but if it needs help and we are in a position to do so, we help; if we can't, we really try to find someone who can.  Sometimes we fail, and that's the really hard thing about doing rescue.  No matter how many you save, every day somebody dies because nobody stepped up.


Blue Moon Akita Rescue
Henry came from the St Louis MO Shelter and makes his forever home at Blue Moon

Our commitment at Blue Moon Akita Rescue is two-fold.


To the Dogs of Blue Moon - Our first commitment is to the dogs we bring into our rescue, and to them we promise: 

  • That they will receive quality, loving medical care, food, training and love as part of our rescue family
  • That they will never again be with no place to go or waiting to die in a shelter
  • That they will be treated with love, respect and dignity while they are with us and we will find them a forever family who will continue to treat them with love, respect and dignity
  • That, when they go to their forever home, we promise it will be as good as or better than what we have been able to provide for them and that they are leaving us with the intent that they are going forever home with their new family
  • If you happen to be one of the occasional cats, kittens, gerbils, assorted reptiles, etc. that seem to sometimes find their way to our door ... the commitment is the same (although we do try to find specialty rescues for the exotics that come our way).


To the People who come to us - Our commitment is 


  • If you are here to adopt your first Akita, we will ensure that you are familiar enough with the breed to be understanding of and ready for the responsibility you are undertaking, and we will support you every step of the way  
  • When you leave with one of our dogs, you will have a written contract, a vaccination record, a health evaluation, a behavioral evaluation and our promise to stand by our dogs.  We are proud of our dogs and we endeavor always to be the people of integrity they believe we are.
  • If you have spent time with us and have now determined that perhaps the Akita isn't the right dog for your family, we will provide as much help and support finding the right pet as you would like from us
  • If you have an Akita with a training issue, we would much rather help you resolve your dog issue than to take your dog into our rescue.  We are here to support you and we also have a number of highly skilled professional trainers who are happy to work with you and your dog as well.
  • If you have acquired one of our dogs and for any reason believe it is not working out, we will honor our contract which says we will always accept the return of one of our dogs, today, tomorrow or any time in the future, or we will work with you to resolve whatever the issue is, whether it is environmental, training or simply a lack of communication
  • When you apply to adopt from us, know that we are going to check your application and references very carefully and we welcome the opportunity to share our references with you as well.
  • If you are here to learn more about the breed and to volunteer your time, we are happy to have you join us
  • If you are here to grieve the loss of a beloved family member, we will share your grief and lighten that load however we can.  You don't have to adopt a dog from us to bring us your grief.  Only dog people understand what it is like to lose that kind of a friend/child/protector that so defines our loving relationship with our canine companion(s).
  • If you are here to learn when and how to say goodbye, we will share our thoughts with you regarding quality of life and the when and how to say a goodbye that is gentle, loving and respectful.  If you cannot make this journey alone, we will either take that last walk to the bridge with you and your beloved pet, or if you are not in Colorado, we will find help for you so you do not have to make that journey alone
  • If you are grieving the loss of an Akita or any other companion/pet/partner, it is our honor to assist you in anyway possible in respectfully working through the grieving process as you deal with your loss and consider what works for you to celebrate the liffe and memory of that individual.