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Garth headshot GARTH


Hey, I'm an easy going young fella who was just traveling around Memphis TN when the dog police threw me in jail ... I dunno something about me, a lovely poodle girl and no collar/no license/straight to dog jail ...


So you've already noticed my beautiful blue eyes ... I figured for sure Karena would name me Frank (like Sinatra) but oh heck no and just go figure. Karena said she thought we should consider that I'm a travelin man from the land of Country Music and home of the King of Rock 'n Roll ... so I thought "oh shoot, here we go, my new name is gonna be Elvis" ... but oh no, she decided I looked like a .......Garth ... so


okey dokey then, since the people are friendly; the food is good; I got my own toys and a nice bed ... heck yes lady, just call me Garth and I'm your boy. And now she's talking about sending me to school ... I gotta assume she wants me to teach, doncha think?


click on my picture to read the rest of my story...

BlueMoonFiller MADISON "Maddie" - Female Akita



A PICTURE MAY BE WORTH 1,000 WORDS, BUT THIS ONE DOESN'T TELL YOU THE STORY OF MADISON.  PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE TO READ HER STORY as the picture you see doesn't begin to show you the brave and loving little girl inside the ratty fur suit.


Madison is one of the sweetest little girls you will ever find.  She came out of a high kill shelter in California where she was a death row dog pulled the morning she was to be euthanized. 


Maddie is a darly sweet girl who desperately wants someone to love her. She is HW negative, spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and crate trained.  She wants to please and is probably not more than about 15 months old.  She was very badly used by whoever threw her away.  She came to us with a mange that was the result of filthy living conditions.  The mange has been treated and is gone, but she is regrowing her coat and with good food, she is gaining her weight back.  She remains underweight, she has been wormed for everything without legs and is now clear of parasites, so she will be able to gain her weight back quickly now that she no longer feeds a buffet line in her intestines. 


If I were currently in a position to add an Akita girl to our household, Madison would be the one. 



Interviewing Maddie, she tells me "WOW, that reminds me of how awful the shelter was but how much better it was than where I came from.  I'm not sure how to tell these people about myself but I will try...."


Click on my picture on the left and it'll bring you to my story.

Keno sitting KENO


I'm Keno and I guess compared to a lot of dogs here, my life was really good from the time I was a puppy in Georgia.  My lady brought me home, she had a little girl and we were a happy family.  I took care of them too.  Nobody has ever been mean to me.  My lady trained me not to tear up the house and to be a good boy on our walks and runs.  I slept in the bedroom with my little girl and we played together.  Then my lady got a "transfer" -- I wasn't sure what that was, but it involved putting everything in boxes and then strangers came for the boxes and my lady had the men put them inside a huge truck, and then the truck drove away with all our stuff!


I gotta tell you, I was shocked.  I had always thought my lady felt like I did about taking care of our stuff but there she just spent 3 days boxing it all up and then she put me in my crate and let total strangers into OUR HOUSE and watched while they took all of our stuff.  Boy, I will never understand people.


But then it really got crazy.  She put my big crate in the truck, and my bag of dogfood, my food and water bowls, my bed into the crate, ME into the crate, strapped my little girl into her car seat and we were off and driving.  I got bored and went to sleep.  I woke up and we were still driving.  Then we had a potty break, stopped and got drive thru food and went to a park, they ate their food, and I looked at a bowl of kibble and said "SERIOUSLY ... IS THIS IT, WE ARE GOING TO LIVE IN THE CAR AND DRIVE ALL DAY AND HALF THE NIGHT??" 


Apparently my little girl thought the same thing because she got the way little girls can be.  So we stopped at this place with a lot of strangers, and they took us to the most fascinating room I have ever been in.  So many smells, so little time!  The room had a bed and we all went to sleep, but of course, then I had to guard the door because I kept hearing people outside.  I gotta tell you, when they heard me, they kept walking, only faster.


The next morning, we got up, had breakfast in our room, and then I went outside and took care of my business ... and we all got in the car again and drove away!  Now I like a car ride about as well as the next dog, but honstly, another day in the car?  Seriously??  I took a nap.


and then ... click on my picture to read the rest of my story...

Sumo1 Sumo


Hi, I'm Sumo from Garden City, KS. I just arrived in Denver on August 23 after Blue Moon got me a stay of execution from the KS shelter. The folks there at the shelter were very nice but the hard truth is they can only house "X" number of dogs and when there is no more space, then they have to euthanize dogs to make room for more. So I arrived in Denver on a Humane Society transport with a lot of different dogs.

Karma 1 KARMA - Female Akita


Hello, I am the Akita girl formerly known as "The Mailbox Dog" and then called "Brit" and now renamed "Karma" .... the good news is that I went through all those names in less than 2 weeks, so I've been Karma for about another 2 weeks now and am starting to know that name ... and I like it.

I became known as "The Mailbox Dog of Memphis" in July of this year. I was then about 6 months old and was found tied to a mailbox in front of an empty house that had recently been foreclosed. Yep, my people moved away and just tied me to the mailbox on their way out of the driveway. Honestly I was surprised. I thought they loved me, but maybe they didn't know any better.

So then somebody called Animal Control and the dog police took me to the animal shelter in Memphis .... it was a really scarey place, but my mommy always told us to remember we are Akitas and we should always behave accordingly. So I held my head high and remembered what mommy told me. I didn't bark, I didn't whine, I didn't hide and I didn't try to start any fights ... I just waited to see what would happen next.

If you'd like to read the rest of Karma's story, please click on her picture to the left.


Dallas 2 DALLAS - Male Akita


Well, hello.  My name is Dallas, and that's because I came from Dallas, TX (I know, right?).  Karena named me Dallas but I like her anyhow.  Actually, so far I haven't found a person that I don't like, but it wasn't always like that.  When I first came to Blue Moon, I was really scared of everything, and I only weighed 49 pounds.  Well, they taught me people are nice and I've put on some much needed weight, and I've gone to obedience school (but I am a stubborn guy) and do know my commands.  Now I just want a real home and people who will love me.



Click on my picture on the left and it'll bring you to my story.

Buster standing cropped BUSTER



Hi, I'm Buster.  I'm originally from Las Vegas, NV.  I'm about two years old and my dad was a single guy in Las Vegas who took a new job and moved somewhere that I couldn't go, so he sent me to Blue Moon.  Since I got here, I've been to obedience school (that was a drag, but I can do everything they ask ... the trick is making me WANT to do what anyone wants ... I know what they want but it's not always what I want -- know what I mean?)


What I REALLY WANT is a forever home of my own with people who love me and that I can take care of.


To read more about me , go to my picture at the left of this story and click on the picture, it'll take you to what Paul Harvey used to call "The Rest of the Story" ...

SnowStar 2 SNOW STAR - Female Akita


SnowStar first came to us about 3 years ago. She was a very young Akita girl whose parents were in the middle of a very acrimonious divorce. Star's mother got the house but her dad got Star ... and an apartment that didn't take dogs. We attempted to get Star's mother to take her even as a foster, but she refused, saying she was severing all ties with her x-husband. She hung up on me when I asked if that meant she wasn't going to live in the house.


So we then placed Star with an Air Force officer in Alamagordo and life was very good. Fast forward to today and Star is back with us as her new dad now has MS and is no longer able to keep her for a number of reasons.


Part of our promise to every orphan is that once they are a Blue Moon dog, they are always a Blue Moon dog. A Blue Moon volunteer drove to Albuquerque and picked up Star, bringing her back to Colorado.


Click on her picture to the left to get more information about Star.


Nikky sitting NICKY - Male Akita


Hey, I'm Nicky but some of my friends call me Nick.  I'm a handsome, healthy, happy 4 year old Akita boy and I'm looking for a home and someone or a family I can take care of.  I'm from Ft. Lupton, CO.  and arrived at Blue Moon on July 14.  I've spent my first week here getting comfortable with the routine, the people and the other dogs -- there are a number of other Akitas here, and that's new to me.  I tend to be an alpha sort of guy, but the other Akitas I've met so far tell me we all think we're top dog. 


Anyhow, I'm starting school this week (July 25) and plan on showing everyone what a really SMART Akita guy looks like.


Click on my picture at the left and it'll hook you up with my story.



The first thing you'll notice about Mercy is that she's not an Akita. Next you'll probably notice that her left front legis in a cast. A volunteer found Mercy in a Georgia shelter where she was suffering from a compound fracture of her badly broken left front leg. She was in bad shape.

Mercy isn't a quitter. She'd been in that shelter without medical care for 5 days when she was removed by our volunteer and taken for emergency veterinary care. She still had the strength to wag her little tail and lick people's hands.


Mercy's front leg is still casted and Mercy is still not a quitter. She has discovered that she can hold her cast up off the ground in front of her and run like heck to keep up with the big dogs. Mercy has, thus far, loved everyone she has met and she still believes that everyone must surely love her. Mercy is, you see, a lesson in forgiveness.


If you'd like to read the rest of Mercy's story, please click on her picture to the left.


Bernie - awful BERNIE



Up front I have to apologize for Bernie's picture.  First, he's a lot more handsome than this shows.  Second, the photographer took a really great picture of him that I can't get downloaded correctly.  I am so very sorry, please know that Bernie is really a handsome dog.  The groomer in California cut him way down because he was so badly matted.  He's coming into his winter coat now and is simply gorgeous.  I'll get a better picture up here soon.  Sorry ...


I'm Bernie ... short for San Bernadino, which is the shelter I was rescued from. I'm a cream colored Karafuto boy about 3 years old. I wish I could tell you I was loved a lot by someone and accidentally lost but, honestly, I don't remember much besides being alone on the hot streets and hungry. Then the dog police caught me and threw me in jail. No one came looking for me but I didn't have anybody so I wasn't surprised. I was dirty and matted and nobody gave me a second glance at the shelter. I knew when the days were up, I would be one of the dogs talem through the big door where nobody comes back, but then ...


click on my picture to read the rest of my story...

BlueMoonFiller KEETAH - Akita girl - 3 years


Keetah (like Akita only without the A) is a pretty girl who came to us originally from Denver Dumb Friends where she was an owner surrender after having mistaken the family's Jack Russell Terrier for a squeak toy.  Keetah tells me it was an honest mistake.  The folks at DDF felt she would do better in an Akita rescue where there would be Akita people who understand Akitas.  Good plan ... we love the DDF folks and are happy to partner with them.


As long as you're not a Jack Russell (or a cat) there's really nothing not to like about Keetah.  She likes both adults children and is gentle and loving.  She is spayed, house trained and a very large and stunning brindle Akita girl.  She does need a 6' fence and enjoys going for walks and would make a great running companion.



click on my picture to read the rest of Keetah's story...

BlueMoonFiller GOOGLE - Male Akita, about 4 years old


Google is a big friendly boy who loves to be loved.  He's always got a smile on his face and is always ready to make a new friend.  Google was raised with children in Wichita KS and was with that family from the time he was a puppy.


Google is now looking for a new home because his people accepted a job in a distant state and were going to be living in corporate housing that did not allow dogs.  So Google packed his bags and came to Denver.


What a nice boy.  Google is the ultimate friendly guy who loves meeting new people and new situations.  Google is not shy and is very loving.   He is accustomed to being a house dog and thinks the only time he should be outside is to play with his family or "take care of business". 



About the only thing Google isn't particularly good about is cats.  He seems to want to play but when the cat runs, the prey drive kicks in. 


Google is selective about other dogs and needs positive introductions and supervision if he is going to be expected to live with another dog.  He's very large and a little bit goofy (he may be Diva's country cousin) and his size alone is intimidating to some other dogs. 



click on my picture to read the rest of Google's story...

Buddy paw CHAMP - Male Akita, 4 years old


Once every so often a dog comes along that I can't find a home for.  Why?  Sometimes I can say it's because they have a special need, or they are really old, or maybe a little bit contrary, or ... well those dogs are safe, just like Champ is but Champ is ... Champ's what my grandpa would have called a "horse of a different color" .


Champ will be 5 years old later this year.   He's been with us since he was about 18 months old.  I cannot tell you how many times I've written and rewritten his biography.  Not because it's different (beyond of course the time he's been here) and not because I don't have anything else to do ... but because I'm trying to find Champ a home.


For the life of me, I can't figure out why nobody wants Champ.  He's big, healthy, handsome, a nice guy and solid as a rock.  He's got great temperament and more common sense than most people.  He's current on vaccinations, microchipped, neutered and house trained.  He is also crate trained but is pretty clear about thinking crates are demeaning...but he's entitled to his opinion.


Champ's got a great sense of humor and is a dog who is smarter than a lot of the people I know.  That's a good and a bad thing, because it does narrow his field of potential adopters.  About the only down side of Champ that I can think of is that he has a high prey drive, and that includes cats, squirrels, rabbits, pretty much anything smaller than him with 4 legs and the ability to move fast ... and generally he's faster.



Champ is the epitomy of the Akita dog and to be friends with / loved by a dog like Champ is an amazing thing because this boy is hard to impress.  Clearly he's had some disappointments in his life and he's not wearing his heart out there for anyone to step on. 


I can tell you one other thing about Champ.  He will go the distance for the person he loves, and he will make them very very proud.


I asked Champ what he thought, and he said "Let me talk to them", so



click on the big paw to read the rest of Champ's story...

Sophie 2 SOPHIE - Female Akita - under 5 years


I'm Sophie and I am told I am a pretty girl (I'm not full of myself like that Diva dog that lives next to me) but  I tend to be just a little shy around new people I