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Photo 2 Savannah



Savannah came to us about 3 years ago from Georgia.  She was a lovely big Akita girl with a happy smile who loved car rides, walks with a friend and a good cuddle.

Image-1 Kirby



Hi I'm Kirby. I'm an exciting young Akita from Memphis. I'm healthy, happy, and like people a lot. I'm neutered, current on vaccinations, microchipped and just looking for someone to love me forever.


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George44 George



George, 7½ year old, Male Akita, Colorado


Hello everyone, my name is George, George of the jungle. I joined BMAR in June 2013. I am crate and kennel trained, current on all my shots, will soon be micro chipped and currently taking all of my preventative medications for fleas, ticks and heartworms.


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Kibosit Kibo



Not everyone who comes to Blue Moon is an orphan.

Ralph26 Ralph - Male ?Mix?



It is honestly impossible for anyone to look at Ralph and not smile.  This boy is one of the few dogs able to say he got a stay of execution in the New York City shelter.  The staff were all so taken with Ralph that they moved heaven and earth to find a rescue to take him ... and you know that was quite a move when you consider Ralph is coming to Aurora, Colorado!  We know we're an Akita rescue, but the dogs here all took a vote and decided Ralph has enough heart to be declared an honorary Akita. 


Ralph was surrendered by his owners to the animal shelter in Manhattan NY.  He is about 5 years old, neutered, great with other dogs, loves people (both big and little) and is healthy and current on all vaccinations.  Ralph is one of those rare dogs who wants to believe the best of everyone he meets.  At 72# he's not what we would call a large dog, but he's not a tiny toy either.


Ralph is not hyper but he does like a good walk, a run, camping with the family would be a wonderful thing for this city dog.  He's looking forward to spending time outside with his family this winter.


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Keesha3 KEESHA - Female Akita



Sad things happen in rescue. Sometimes it's because of the condition of a dog when they arrive, sometimes it's because they are sick, and sometimes it's because life's just not fair.


Keesha came to us in September 2012. She was friendly, gracious and dignified. She was also grieving the loss of her family because dogs don't know why they are left behind -- they just know that their family is gone and they are in a strange place. Akitas bond with their families and change is difficult for them. Obviously it's easier for a 7 week old puppy to accept the change to a new home than it is for a 7 year old Akita.


We spent time with Keesha. We offered her a safe and loving place with good food and comfortable surroundings. She was very gracious but also very clear that we were nice but we were not family.


Keesha quietly passed away on Thursday, October 10, 2012. Her family is very angry with me because I said she died of a broken heart.


Life is many things but it isn't fair. I am so very sorry Keesha. We were able to give you everything except the family who gave you up.






So this is what Keesha had to say when she arrived in Colorado:

I'm Keesha from Kansas City, Missouri. Wow, what a couple of weeks this has been. It all started one day a couple of weeks ago when my man came out to my kennel and got me and put me in the truck. I thought, "wow, I'm not even in season and I'm out of my pen and going for a ride" ... well that was sort of a good news/bad news thing because it was definitely a car ride but I was surprised when I found out where we were going.


Well, that ride ended up at the vet's office ... and my dad left me there! I got shots, they took some blood (heartworm test) and then they put me up on this big metal table and the next thing I knew, I was waking up in a cage. Not such a fun day and boy was I sleepy! I lay back down and went asleep again. When I woke up again I had on a new fashion accessory -- this crazy big plastic thing on my neck so I couldn't see what they did to my tummy. So then my dad came and got me and I thought he was taking me home, but that's not what happened.


Dad told me that they were moving to California and that I wasn't going to be part of the family anymore. He was sad. Then he took me over to his brother's house and left me there. It was ok, but it wasn't home.


Then just a couple of days later a nice lady came and got me and took me to another place with a lot of dogs and everyone was staying there waiting for people to come back for them. I think it was like a dog hotel.


So (9/12) early early in the morning when it was still dark, we left the boarding kennel and got in the car. I gotta tell you, I'm getting a little tired of cars; every time I get into a car these days my life takes another crazy twist.


So today was no different. The end of this car ride was ...another car ride. They put me into a big dog crate box and into a vehicle with a bunch of other dogs in boxes and off we rolled. And rolled. And rolled. I went to sleep, and we were rolling. I woke up and we were still rolling. I didn't have a window seat so I went back to sleep.


And then the vehicle stopped and everybody got out. I met Karena from something called Blue Moon Akita Rescue and I've never seen a blue moon and I don't know what a rescue is, but I'm an Akita and when I sniffed her I could tell she had been around A LOT OF AKITAS TODAY so I figured what the heck and ...


yep, you guessed it. We took another car ride.


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Ozzie profile OZZIE - Male Karafuto Akita (long coat)



Before I let Ozzie tell you his story, I wanted to tell you just a little about this fellow.  He's super.  He loves everyone he's met and is gracious with other dogs.  Cats ... not so much.  He is about 5 years old and is what rescues refer to as a "great save" because he's got it all -- he's healthy, happy, and has a great love for people.  He is a proud dog who wants a family to love.  Ozzie is neutered, current on vaccinations, microchipped, crate trained and has basic obedience skills.  He has been someone's pet and it is a mystery to me why they never came to the Nashville shelter to take him home.  Their loss may be your gain .. come and meet Ozzie.


I'm Ozzie (and my friends call me Oz or "the Oz Man").  I'm a southern gentleman from Nashville, TN, and I do love the ladies.  Everyone who has met me says "how did THIS BOY ever end up in rescue"?  Long story short, I was out visiting a lady friend one afternoon -- her family didn't approve of me -- they called the dog police -- I went to the dog jail -- my people never came to bail me out and there I was, a good ol' boy sitting on death row.


Gotta tell you, if you're an Akita at Nashville, if a rescue doesn't pull you out, honey, you will die there.  Those folks really don't care much for us big curly tails.  I think about the time they was about to cotton on to the fact that I was an Akita the rescue people were pulling me out of there just ahead of the grim reaper sitting behind the big door that nobody comes out of.


So, that's my story, but if you want to click on my picture at the top of my story and I'll tell you a little more about me ...

Odin53 Odin - Male Akita



Odin, 8 years old, Neutered Male, Ohio


Odin ... well, Odin is a VERY handsome Japanese Akita who carries the name of an ancient Norse god and came to us from Ohio. Odin is a very handsome Akita boy about 8 years of age. He was raised by his family but they have recently had two babies pretty close together and say they no longer have time for Odin. He is house and crate trained and likes children.

Right now everyone here at BMAR who has interacted with Odin is absolutely in love with him. He needs a little work on walking on lead and a brush up on basic obedience commands but he's about perfect. Neutered, current on vaccinations, home raised by a family who loves him .. he's just about as nearly perfect as it gets.


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Prophet Prophet



Prophet, 2.5 year old, Neutered Male Boxer Mix?, Florida


Hi everyone, I’m Prophet and I’m from sunny Florida. In 2013, a hurricane came through my area and left me homeless. I really thought my owners would come back for me since they couldn’t take me to the hurricane shelter with them (NO DOGS ALLOWED sign; go figure).

I just have to tell you how I got my name.


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Ike DSC 2120 Ike

In Memoriam


When my Kota passed and I found Blue Moon I wasn’t sure I was ready to replace her. 


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Cajun - Georgetown, CO 2005 Cajun

In Memoriam




I adopted Cajun as a young puppy when he was returned to his breeder by his previous owner, one of the Denver Broncos (who shall remain nameless!).  He came from the old and illustrious Regalia Akita lines. His owner had no time for him, so my husband and I trained him, and loved him for the next 11 yrs., (he passed away at the age of 12).


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Niji1 Niji



Hi Karena,

I hope this message finds you well. I check in with your website from time to time to see how the rescue is going and it seems that though you are still facing the challenges that all rescues have, things are moving along and that progress is continuing to be made in your admirable endeavor to help the breed and help the dogs most in need. I don't know that I've ever explicitly said "thank you" for your commitment and hard work, but I wanted start this note with a sincere thank you.

It's been a long time since I first visited your home and met your orphans. It was during a time of transition for me where shortly before my long-time girlfriend and I had recently parted ways, and our two beloved Akitas and our cat, who ruled the house and the dogs, left my home in Denver with her when she moved back to the east coast. Missing the time with and the experience of being around the amazing animals that Akitas are, I stumbled upon you and your rescue.


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Harley1 Harley

In Memoriam


This is a very very hard email to write to you so it’s taken me a few days to do so. Our beloved Harley that we adopted from you approximately 8 years ago crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday February 24th.


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