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Dog Books

04/18/2012 11:42


Some of my favorite dog books:

  • Anything written by Barbara Boyout, a highly respected Akita rescuer and a very knowledgeable Akita person
  • How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend by the Monks of New Skete Monastery, New Skete, New York
  • Ceasar's Way by Ceasar Milan
  • Be the Pack Leader by Ceasar Milan
  • Dog Man (fascinating biography of the man who almost single handedly saved the Akita from extinction in Japan during World War II ... his wife deserves kudos for supporting his passion for the Akita, even though she didn't understand.  I have to say there are times when I would have felt compelled to smack him ... just sayin .. )

I'll add more here a little later, but this will give you some reading to begin with

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