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Here’s the part of rescue that I am really not very good at.  Running a rescue is time consuming , emotionally draining and expensive.  I can do the time and I can recharge my emotional battery,  but asking anybody for anything comes difficult for me.  Asking  for financial help is a necessary part of any non profit organization, and I’m not good at it so please bear with me. 

That being said, this is probably the shortest section of our web site.

Currently Blue Moon Akita Rescue has no facility of our own for our orphans.  Additionally, there is no “Akita Old Folks Home” in the United States.  Our dream is to have a facility that can be run as a business for profit to help fund our rescue operation and provide a place for an “Akita Old Folks Home”.   We have such a facility in mind and we can buy it for $800,000.  It has a significantly greater appraised value and is a terrific opportunity for our rescue.  My intent would be to retire from my current job (I have been there 32 years) and run the business which has been part of the community for about 35 years.  This business would house our orphans and continue to operate open to the public as a boarding, grooming, training business. The land alone is going to double in value over the next 5-10 years. The business is appraised at $1,035,000 and I can get it for $800K which will include the currently empty building that used to be a vet clinic ... THAT is where I want to headquarter Blue Moon Akita Rescue.


So, how can you help? 

·         Donate –

o   We average about 200 visitors to our website each day.  If every visitor would donate $1.00, I would no longer have sleepless nights about how to afford to save a new Akita  orphan or maintain the older dogs we have that are unlikely to ever find a new home. 

o   Donating is easy.  Just click on the PayPal  icon on this page and follow the directions.  You can mail a check directly to us at  xxxxxxxxxx

o   Donate in memory of a four legged family member or as a gift to the friend who has everything.  Your donation will be acknowledged to the person it is made in the name of and on the Rainbow Bridge page of our site and you will receive a receipt acknowledging your tax deductable donation.

o   Daily we receive requests to take dogs.  A lot of requests.  What we seldom see is someone who wants us to take a dog they are willing to sponsor (we do have one Akita Angel – Polly – and she is phenomenal about sponsoring orphans). 

o   Often we get dogs who need emergency medical care and to be returned to health before they can be adopted.  It would be so nice to actually have a rainy day fund for those dogs.

·         Time -- We love volunteers.  We are not a petting zoo but we do like having regular volunteers who come to walk dogs, brush dogs, play with dogs and sometimes just snuggle up and read a book with a dog.   When our dogs graduate from their training classes, it’s terrific if they can spend regular time with folks who want to work with the dogs to help them retain their learnings – Saturday mornings our kennel has a group training class that’s a wonderful place to meet other dog people and help our orphans keep their new obedience training skills sharp.

·         Talent – We are grateful to have folks who enjoy photography come visit and take pictures for the web site.   So often the dogs with us arrive in bad condition.  Sometimes I don’t put pictures up initially because the orphan is in such bad shape when he arrives and we need time to get the orphan healthy.  I’m thrilled to have folks who are computer savy and willing to come and spend time doing data entry of various types for the orphans. 

·         Love – Loss is a part of life.  Grieving is a part of healing.  Often people come to us because they  are grieving the loss of a beloved friend.  Frequently our orphans are doing the same thing.  It’s  a healing thing when those folks are willing to spend time walking with or just hanging out to snuggle with a good book and just hanging out with one of our orphans.

·         Treasure – Truly we are happy to accept donations of dog supplies – grooming, leashes, collars, GIANT size Sky Kennels and wire crates, snacks, treats, dog books, anything related to Akitas.    Used is just fine with us because we know that the dog who used it before is part of a loving family or is remembered in love.  What better way to honor an Akita who has passed than to donate that bed, blanket, leash, dish or whatever to an Akita orphan so they can have their own “things”.    

·         Prayer – My personal belief is that one of the best gifts we can give one another is prayer.  No, I’m not a preachy, teachy  person trying to sell anyone on my faith.  I am proud to enjoy a personal relationship with God and Jesus.  I believe in the power of prayer, and I believe that prayers are always answered.  We tremendously appreciate your prayers.   So please, remember Blue Moon Akita Rescue in your prayers.

·         A Place of Our Own -- Our need for space has outgrown our home space. 

o   We now have orphans who stay in our home to convalesce from illness or injury (and a surprising number of our dogs arrive in poor physical condition and needing TLC).   

o   Once they are healthy they go to stay at Broadway Boarding & Training Kennels in Aurora, CO.  We love the folks at Broadway:  they take terrific care of our dogs, they have an amazing team of trainers, and they are wonderful about giving me the ability to work with my orphans and introduce our orphans  to prospective adopters in a convenient, safe and professional environment that is about 10 minutes from our home.

o   Our dream is to for Blue Moon Akita Rescue to have a home of its own.  A home like a boarding kennel that is self sustaining  with space for us to offer a home like atmosphere for the old Akitas that people ask us to take because they either cannot keep them or don’t want to keep them for their few remaining years.

o   Obviously, when the need for ongoing kennel space requires use of a professional facility, the costs also go up.  So then in addition to vet care to spay, neuter, microchip, vaccinate every orphan, we also have transportation costs of getting our dogs to us and we have dogs come to us from all parts of the U.S.  We didn’t plan it that way, but when it’s a choice between dying in the shelter or coming to Colorado, we try to accommodate as many as we can realistically care for.


Please become part of our dream.

Want to Donate by Check?

Donations by check can be made payable to Blue Moon Akita Rescue Inc. and mailed to

Blue Moon Akita Rescue, Inc.
% Broadview Kennels
2155 S Havana St
Aurora CO  80014

Please note whether you want your donation to be acknowledged as a gift for someone or in the memory or someone. If you are sending a donation in memory of an Akita who has crossed the Bridge, please try also to include or e-mail me a photo so that we can post the picture and our thanks on our Rainbow Bridge page.

You will also receive a receipt acknowledging your donation.


Thank you for helping to make a difference for our orphans!