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My Story

This is a very very hard email to write to you so it’s taken me a few days to do so. Our beloved Harley that we adopted from you approximately 8 years ago crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday February 24th. He had Renal Gland Failure. Jim and I were there with him, held him and talked to him as he quietly went so he wasn’t alone. We know that we gave Harley a wonderful full and loving life and we want you to know that too. I have attached a couple of photos so you could see. One is of Harley on leash the day we adopted him, he looks so small in comparison to how big he got later. We referred to him as our “Gentle Giant”. One example of how gentle and loving he was is proof by another picture I’ve attached. It’s a picture of my son’s step-daughter laying “on” Harley. He loved when kids were around. And last but not least, there is a picture of Harley with the rest of our crew, Deuce our American Staffordshire Terrier and Auggie our Staffy/Lab mix. They made quite a team and Deuce and Auggie miss Harley as much as we do.
Thank you for letting us adopt Harley and being a part of his life. And thank you for all the work you do in rescuing these amazing creatures.
Jim Haag and Debbie Logue

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