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Cajun - Georgetown, CO 2005
My Story

In Memoriam




I adopted Cajun as a young puppy when he was returned to his breeder by his previous owner, one of the Denver Broncos (who shall remain nameless!).  He came from the old and illustrious Regalia Akita lines. His owner had no time for him, so my husband and I trained him, and loved him for the next 11 yrs., (he passed away at the age of 12).  He was definitely an aloof, alpha male, and could be growly when he perceived danger to himself, me, or our home.  He lived peacefully with our cat, a female Himalayan, who is now 14, and misses him very much.

I remember a time when we were walking around a lake next to our home; Cajun rescued me from a strange man who came too close to me, and was obviously drunk, or high.  Since there was no one else around, I don’t know what would have happened if Cajun were not with me.  Needless to say, the stranger took off very fast when confronted with an angry 120# male Akita! He was also the terror of coyotes! My husband and I loved him very much, and don’t think we will ever adapt to life without him.  We are grateful he was in our lives.

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