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My Story

Hi everyone, I'm Cooper. I'm a handsome young man with a serious name: Copernicus! Before I had this name, I was called lots of things - Bailif, Bailey, and Scout, and probably I had a name a family picked out before that but it's been quite a journey, so please forgive me if I've forgotten that one. My new people felt like my story was BIG and I needed an epic name to fit - so, Copernicus it is! But most days I go by Cooper and "Coop!"

Way back at the beginning of the year, some nice people at rescued me at the side of the road in Texas. I was skinny and sick and they helped me get some much needed food, care, and medical treatment. It was pretty clear I was a smart, sweet, sensitive boy - I guess it's something about my eyes that tell people that because everyone is always remarking about how "striking" they are. So, in order to help me recover, I got to live at a foster home. That's where everyone learned I am so patient and gentle that I can be around kids - even really young ones. I stayed there for awhile, and boy did I like it. I understand it was never my forever home but it was still sad when it was time to go. Let's add another s-word adjective to describe me - I am sweet, sensitive and smart and also STOIC. I went along with being "transferred for adoption" to a home even though it hurt my heart a little leave the nice home I was in. I came to a new place called Colorado and to a new home. I was a good boy but that family only kept me for one night. Can you believe it?! They said I had an ugly shaped head!

I mean really, how silly is that? I get compliments every day when I go out on how "pretty" "handsome" and "cool lookin'" I am. Well, sometimes things happen for a reason so  . . . pfffft! Their loss.

I made my way to Blue Moon even though I'm so NOT an Akita. There I met some amazing people. Maddie, Lynne, Kristin and Karena took me in. They even made me their front office buddy because they knew I was sweet, smart, sensitive, stoic and SPECIAL. (Whew, can't tell you what a relief it is that someone finally noticed!) I spent most days up front with them, calmly keeping them company while Karena looked for a special home for special-me. She told me all the time, "If I could take another dog home it would be you - and that's a big deal since I'm an Akita person!"

What happened next was funny - another one of those "things happen for a reason" moments. These two nice people came and visited our kennel yard. They were interviewing with another dog. He's a nice fellow but I spoke up and made my presence known too! They had seen pictures of me also (did I mention Karena was hittin' the trail hard telling everyone how I was one of her faves?) and the man came right over and said, "Hi Scout, we're talking to you next!" This man is a little like me - sensitive and stoic, not always a big talker, so I could tell he really meant those words. The lady said, "wow, the pictures did not do him justice - he's gorgeous!" Hooray! I got to get out and play with the lady and the man, I put my best manners on, and then when we sat down to talk I just sat down real close to let them know I was ready for a home and put my head carefully on the man's lap telling them . . . maybe they could be it?

Karena asked me if I'd like to try with them and them if they'd like to try with me, and after a few weeks, we were all decided! It's been a hard road and so I wanted to tell people some things they might not know about rescue dogs. I wasn't ever abused and I trust people (even over-exuberant toddlers!) to pet me to their hearts content but that doesn't mean I don't feel some confusion and pain about what happened to me. Even still some days! The man, the lady and I all had to work through it a little  - sometimes still I need to go off by myself for a little to think all of this over. It can be hard to bond with new people when lots of other people have given you up, moved you along, or moved you around - even when it was sometimes for your own good. Patience and lots of steady love are the only things that can fix that.

I feel lucky today because I get to go on walks all the time, and my lady can even take me to work! I don't know what "start-up company" means but I think it means having an extra large family of work-people that love you, pet you, hug you, play with you and are excited to see you in their offices at work! Weird, but cool! On other days I stay at home with my man and have quiet time and play time. I have a big yard of my own and am showing my people all the best ways to play (hello! Balls and rope toys and hunting grasshoppers are where it is AT). I get walked so many times a day and fed and told all the time how handsome and lovely and wonderful I am. The man is quiet but he pets me a lot and my lady is a talker! We hang out in the kitchen every night talking over our days and getting dinner ready and I get to play outside before AND after dinner. That's because I'm such a good boy.

Yesterday we visited my friend Karena again. I was a little nervous getting into the car because it was NOT a work day and I didn't want to leave ANOTHER home but man was it good to see some of my friends again. When we came in to the front office, some of the people there didn't even recognize me and said, "Who's this?" Hey ladies, I'm the guy who used to hang out up here every day! I guess I look different now that I'm exercising so much.

Well, my lady is a big talker and so she and Karena talked it all over and then signed some "adoption papers." I am not really sure what it means but I got lots of hugs and petting after and the lady had some happy tears. When we went home we celebrated as a family with some chicken and a bone and lots of playing so it must be good right? I think I'm just going to stay here now and I'm so glad all four of us agreed that was the right call - me, my man, my lady, and Karena. Thanks to all of my special friends along the way who saw who I really was and got me here.

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