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My Story

Well hi.  I'm Kai and I'm the handsome Akita boy you see posted here with my friend Patty.  I am  3 years old, neutered, current on my vaccines, microchipped, housetrained and a very nice guy.
My life has been a little crazy here lately as I was rescued from the Stockton shelter earlier this week.  Everyone always says "what's a nice dog like you doing in a shelter" and honestly I don't know what happened.  Here is what I do know.
I lived for 3 happy years with my dad.  But he was in the military and had to go somewhere called "overseas" because of his job.  Whatever "overseas" is, apparently they don't have dogs there because I couldn't go with him.  So I don't really know how this all happened, but then his parents left me at the shelter in Stockton, CA.  I was so sad and depressed  because I lost my dad and then the other dogs told me that every day some of us had to die because there wasn't enough room at the shelter and if they didn't find homes, they would die at the shelter.  That didn't do anything to help with my depression.
So then somebody posted a notice on my kennel.  I heard the people talking about it and saying that I was "going to rescue" ... I had no idea what "to rescue" was but it certainly did sound better than "going to die."
The next thing that happened was a really nice man named Jim came and picked me up.  We took a really, really, long ride in his very comfortable truck and then he handed me off to a nice lady named Patty (that's me and Patty in the picture) and he gave me a big hug and wished me good luck and said goodbye.
So then Patty and I got into her silver car and took another really long ride.   Then we got somewhere else and Patty told me I would stay there a couple of days, that it was not my new home but was something called a boarding kennel.  It was a lot nicer there and the people don't seem so stressed.  Patty told me she would be back for me on Sunday because very early Monday morning I would be taking another long ride (yippee ... or not so much, maybe this "rescue" thing means that I spend the rest of my life traveling by car to places I've never seen before?  I dunno.
Patty told me that on Monday my long ride would be with a lady named Christine and that she would  take me to a place called Las Vegas.  She said Christine would introduce me to Bill and Karena from Blue Moon Akita Rescue (there's that word again) and that Bill and Karena would take me for another long ride (oh yeh more rides!) to a place called "Denver" which is in something called "Colorado" and that I would be staying with Karena and Bill until they found either my dad and learned if he was really wanting me left to find a new home or if he wanted me to wait for him to come back from "overseas."  
So once Akita Angels ( and Blue Moon Akita Rescue figure out what my dad really wanted for me, then if he's really not coming back for me ... then I will stay at Blue Moon until they find me a new mom or dad.
I'm going to take a nap now but I'll write more and update you on my travels.

Thank you for your interest in Blue Moon Akita Rescue. We know we cannot change the world, but for the orphan Akita you take into your heart to help feed, cover medical expenses on or give a forever home, you truly have made a difference and given the gift of life.  Any assistance you give our dogs is gratefully appreciated.

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