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Webster is being fostered in Bellingham, WA and is crossposted here as a courtesy to assist huim in finding his forever home.  Interested adopters should contact Whatcom Humane Society in Bellingham, WA, at 360.733.2080.
Webster is a 14 month old Akita boy located in Bellingham, WA who is looking for a forever home.  His foster mother says "Webster is such a handsome, loyal man! He was left at the shelter when his owners could no longer afford his medical care. He is currently in a foster home, recently neutered and being treated for demodex mange. Webster is looking for a home with Akita experience, who understands his unique breed. Akitas are not for everyone, as they are protective and strong. With that being said, Webster's favorite place to be is inside with his people. He is very much a keeper of the peace, and enjoys a quiet environment. While Akitas generally prefer being the only dog, there are two other dogs in Webster's foster home and so far he has been doing great with them. He may not be a great dog park due to his size and desire to protect, but continuing his socialization with other dogs will be imperative to making him a well-rounded pup. He was also introduced to kittens in his foster home under strict supervision. He did very well with them, so with proper introductions, he could potentially live with a feline friend. Webster does get vocal, both with he's excited and when he dislikes something. This takes apartment living out of the question, as you'd have several unhappy neighbors. Webster does quite well on leash, and rarely pulls. His crate training is going slowly, and will need to be worked on with his new owners. He does have a couple of naughty tendencies like counter surfing, so crating when no one is home is highly recommended. He definitely needs a firm, but fair owner, and would benefit from the "nothing in life is free perspective." This means that before he gets what he wants, he has to give you what you want. Before he gets dinner, he must sit. Before you go on a walk, he must wait by the door. This type of approach will remind Webster who is in charge. He will need to be signed up for positive based obedience classes before his adoption can be finalized. Most of all, Webster just needs a home who will understand him. Akita experience is a must! Webster is currently in a foster home so if you think you can offer him the perfect home, fill out an application for review at the Whatcom Humane Society to schedule a potential meeting!"
Interested adopters should contact Whatcom Humane Society in Bellingham, WA, at 360.733.2080.

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