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My Story

Well hello sugar ... I am a southern belle from Memphis, TN, and my friends call me MINK. I have to say the picture here doesn't do me justice, I'm really much prettier.

I am about 6 years old now, spayed, current on vaccinations, microchipped and housetrained. I love being a house dog and would do pretty well in an apartment with regular walks. Once I had a home and the people were nice and all, but then they left me at the shelter and never came back. I have no clue why they left me and the shelter didn't know either. I waited a long time until I could come to Colorado to be at Blue Moon Akita Rescue -- and they are ok folks, but what I really want is a loving forever home where I can be with my own family and be appreciated for the beautiful, funny girl that I am.
The folks who get to know me say I'm smart, funny and a real kick in the pants when I play the clown -- and they will also tell you that if you are my person, I will take care of you like no dog you have met before. Nothing bad happens to my family on my watch. That I promise you.
I do need to tell you -- I'm a saucy girl who will not negotiate about other dogs -- don't like 'em, don't want a four legged roommate of any kind ... and that includes ferrets, gerbils, cats (ugh! I don't like 'em but I know we have several at the rescue here looking for homes!) and I promise if you give me a house with a yard ... I guarantee there will be no squirrels stealing from any bird feeders ... course I scare the pants off the birds too but that's mostly because I just like to watch them fly.
So if you are looking for someone to take you for walks and make you look really good at the other end of my lead ... sail on over to the application form at and fax your completed application to Karena at 303 752 2869 and let's get settled in and be family together before those winter nights when we can hang out by the fireplace and you can drink cocoa and I can help you eat popcorn ... I love snuggling and watching old movies too!

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