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My Story

Hi -- I'm Maji and I'm from Memphis, TN where I was found on Christmas Eve, and that's why they named me MAJI
As you can tell from these photos, I really go out of my way NOT to have my picture taken.  Actually I'm a sweet boy and not really afraid of much ... except the camera and I really don't like those pointed at me.  The folks here are really embarrassed by my awful pictures but want you to know that I really am a very handsome Akita boy.
I really like people and hanging out with folks or going for walks or snuggling up for a nap by the fire on a rainy day.  I'm a low key sort of dog.  I'm ready to go if you are, but if you want to curl up and watch old movies and drink hot chocolate ... hey I'm right there and ready ... I do like popcorn with an old movie.
Maji is current on all vaccinations and doing well.  It took us some time to get him out here from Memphis and up on our web site, but it's all worked to Maji's benefit as now he has a lovely "Colorado Akita Coat" that is glossy and thick and the undercoat is bulking up for the winter we're supposed to have.   He's a gorgeous dog with a great temperament and would love for you to come get acquainted so he can tell you what a great fit he would be for your family.

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