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My Story

Hi My name is Lotus and I am a Southern Belle from Memphis TN.  I am now about 2 years old.  I am a very pretty girl -- and I capitalize on that whenever there are treats around -- but it's a little hard to get a good picture of me because I just don't have a lot of time to hang out while someone plays with their camera.
I have thought this whole thing over and have to say -- I would really like a home with people who will love me.  I really do prefer to be an only dog.  I believe it's important to remember who I am and I AM AKITA.  I am proud of my breed and don't have a lot of patience to deal with little ankle biters or cats (ugh!  I may be allergic).  I also am heck on wheels about squirrels so please know I don't want any squirrel feeders in my yard.
I'd love to  live with someone who likes to run.  I do need to spend time with my new family doing some obedience work.  I am an independent girl who has never had a real family -- I was barely a year old when I was found roaming in Memphis and nobody came to the shelter to claim me.  I had heartworm and so I spent quite a bit of time in Memphis with the rescue having my heartworm treated before I moved to Colorado.  I really like it here and I absolutely LOVE to play in the snow.
So maybe you could come and meet me and we could talk about me being your only Akita girl?
Don't forget ... my name is Lotus and I am beautiful and loving.

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