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Manhattan Center -

My name is RALPH. My Animal ID # is A0938614.
I am a neutered male black and tan germ shepherd mix. The shelter thinks I am about 5 YEARS old.

I came in the shelter as a OWNER SUR on 07/12/2012 from NY 10469, owner surrender reason stated was TOO HYPER.

07/17/2012 WEB MEMO
A volunteer writes: Ralph is like a fluffy stuffed animal with a quick step and a twinkle in his eye. He loves to walk and has more energy than you'd expect from a dog his size. This is the perfect family pet and a loyal one. Even now, he explores the streets with a mission, scouring the faces of passerbys, looking for someone familiar, longing for a home. He was appears to have been well cared for. With his soft, clean coat and chunky physique Ralph seems like someone you might find lounging in a chair, rather than the cage to which he is now confined. Even though he looks like a couch potato, this is a dog who appreciates freedom and fresh air. He enjoys petting sessions and chatting in the park but LOVES to be on the move. The perfect walking companion, Ralph can be your motivation to leave the television behind and look at life through the eyes of someone who truly appreciates it.

Helper 938321 Ralph was calm and relaxed during handling and when playing tag with assessor. He did not resist being handled while eating, and was easily pushed out of the food bowl, but was not interested in toys or rawhide. Ralph was relaxed when approaching a friendly dog, but was not playful. Look: 2. Dog pulls out of Assessor's hands each time without settling during three repetitions. Sensitivity: 1. Dog stands still and accepts the touch, his eyes are averted, and his tail is in neutral position with relaxed body posture. Tag: 1. Dog stands with his tail low and wagging, and comes toward the Assessor in a friendly manner when the Assessor ceases moving. Squeeze 1: 1. Dog gently pulls back his paw. Squeeze 2:1 . Dog gently pulls back his paw Food: 1. Dog lifts head and ceases eating when you reach to pull the bowl away or push him out. Toy 1: No interest. Rawhide: 1. No interest. Dog-dog: 2. Dog approaches helper dog with tail at spine level, body not stiff, ears relaxed, lip long

A trainer who visited with Ralph while he was on layover in KC MO says:]

Ralph - very friendly but a jumper. Whenever he jumped up, I turned around and we did this over and over again. He's not a very confident dog and almost appears to be starved for attention. He wants to snuggle into your arms and can't seem to get close enough to you. Once he discovered the 1/2 tennis ball, he was in heaven...that was the happy dog picture. He was surrendered for being too hyper... BS...they just didn't give him enough exercise. After he played with the ball for a few minutes he calmed down just fine. He also knows come, sit & shake. He's not very treat motivated and would rather have affection than treats. He doesn't pull as hard as I thought...or at least he won't if you let him know it's not acceptable. Just a small jerk on the leash or just stopping was enough to get him to walk on a loose leash. He's also very prey driven trying to find the critters hidden in the tall grass. I put him into my car to fit him for the prong collar and found out he's deathly afraid of being in the car. I may try putting him in the crate and see how Kira does in the back. He's a very nice dog and I really hope he finds a good home with people who'll give him the affection he deserves:)

from facebook thread:
Listen to what the volunteer says about Ralph. This boy needs a family. please foster or adopt him. 57 minutes ago · Like ·
Lily K  I've had the pleasure of walking Ralph, and I fell in love. Despite being kept in a kennel all day, he was beautifully behaved on our walk; he's a giant ball of fluff, very affectionate and responsive. He'd make a perfect pet so if you have room in your heart & life, please help him.

Joanne S All the volunteers say what a great dog ralph is... poor guy spent his lif in the basement, yet look what a great, lovable dog he is!!!! So many great, adoptable dogs on the list& this guy is one of them!!!! Ralph doesn't have much time left so we need a foster/adopter now!!! We must end the slaughter of these great, very adoptable dogs!!!!

Deb L He is so adorable!! Is there anyone willing to foster this sweet, mature boy to save him? Volunteer says: "Ralph has a twinkle in his eye and a spring in his step". He's fine with other dogs..We lose so many great older dogs that are the perfect companion in a new home. Especially people who work and want a friend but not a lot of outside play time. C'mon East coast..Just do it!! 5 years is not old.

Michael Di J I am posting this for a volunteer who got to know Ralph and wants everyone to know that he is a very good boy. Ralph is a friendly, loving Shepherd who has normal Shepherd energy - he is not hyper. He is comfortable with all people and deserves a good home. He is handsome, has a great disposition, well behaved and loves his walks. Please, please lets find this wonderful boy a good home. He will make his owners very happy.

Susan P-Z The former owners were retired, they probably should have adopted an older dog like we see daily, but this younger normal shepherd who is neutered and exstremely well liked by volunteers, is at the cusp of greatness...the perfect age when the hard work people put in pays off. They obviously did something right, so this dog has had a good start, neutered and ready to excel.

Erika G another pic & endorsement for ralph: "Ralph may be killed tomorrow. He has no idea what lies in store for him. I spent a half hour with him tonite. He's a really good and sweet pup. An irresponsible and heartless person surrendered him and labeled him too hyper. Won't someone step up for Ralph and give him a 2nd chance at a true life?"

But what I really want is somebody I can love and take care of.


Will it be you?




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posted 10/23/12

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