KEESHA - Female Akita
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So we went to Karena's house and I met some other Akitas and CATS ... the woman has CATS. First I thought maybe it was a special dinner tonight but nope, apparently if you want to live in the house here you have to be nice with the cats. OK< so I let them know that I really have no problem being outside but I was not sharing space anywhere with a cat, much less several -- they are like, you know, snotty like squirrels but they have a skinny tail and instead of chattering, they make this rude hissing sound. I'm pretty sure they probably taste like squirrel. The weather tonight was heaven! It's supposed to be 45 degrees and maybe some rain.


So I'm settled into my kennel. it's 20' x 25' and I have my own big tree and a house under the tree. I had a nice supper(OMG have you ever tasted elk? It's even better than squirrel!) and there's a big bucket of water,. I have a big fluffy dog bed inside my house and there's another dog house that has clean straw and cedar chips in it. Sweet! The other dogs are cordial, but I don't think they understand. I'm sure my family is coming back for me. I'm just waiting for them.


I do see that everyone here is happy and well fed, and that makes me feel good. The big Akita I talked to is the alpha guy around here and Dillon says that I'll get to have some rest, people will come and love on me and I'll learn about the house and the cats (he rolls his eyes when I asked about cats as snack items) and that eventually someone will come to take me to my forever home. I tried to explain to him that I was here waiting for my family. He's a nice guy but I don't think he understands. He told me they were not coming for me. I'm sure he is mistaken.


This sounds pretty interesting. See I came from a place where I lived in a 12 x 12 kennel and about once a year I had a litter of puppies. If I didn't have puppies with me, then I lived alone. I didn't go anywhere or live in the house with the people. That was how I spent the first 7 years of my life. Now you can see why things are all so surprising to me. But I'm still certain Joe and the family will come get me and take me back home. I miss them so much.



Kaarena says ...

Wow I'm surprised Keesha had so much to say. She was really quiet on the ride home this evening. I'm sure she was tired from her long day and she is now sleeping like only the innocent can sleep.


Keesha is about 7 years old. She was a breeding Akita for her owner until he got a job and was moving to California. They felt they wouldn't be able to find a place to live that would accept Keesha in California (probably true, California has some breed bans in various places) and they didn't want to leave her in the shelter. So her owner had her spayed, vaccinated, HW checked etc. and surrendered her to Blue Moon.


Keesha is a very sweet girl, gracious with kids, pretty tolerant of other dogs, learning to walk on leash. Actually considering she's spent 7 years in a back yard, she's amazingly confident and accepts change and strangers really well. As you can see, Keeha is a beautiful girl. She is now spayed, vaccinated, found to be HW negative, is microchipped and now is crate trained.


More than anything Keesha would like to find people who will love her and make her part of their family, not just the dog who lives out back.


Keesha's a great dog and I've fallen totally in love with her. She's just such a gentle soul. Please come visit her. I know she'd like that a lot.


OH...ONE OTHER THING ... Keesha wants me to tell you she has a lovely curly tail ... she was just out in the front yard for pictures and wasn't sure what was happening so her tail got worried ... like I said, Keesha is a character. You will love her. And her big fluffy, curly tail.





If you would like to learn more about adopting our sweet Keesha the Akita, please send a note to



posted 9/12/12

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