OZZIE - Male Karafuto Akita (long coat)
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My Story



a lady came and visited me.  She was nice and gave me treats and asked if I liked car rides ... I said "honey I'll follow you anywhere but that big door in this place."   She kept looking and looking at me and smiling.  I smiled back and gave her the Akita "wooo woooo" that I figured she was waiting to hear.   Then I heard her say "Karafuto" ... I didn't know what it meant, but it must have been something good because right after that she made her cell phone flash at me and then right after that her phone rang.  And right after that,  I left the shelter with her.  How cool was that!!  


Our first stop was at Mickey D's to get me a burger.  Wow.  Nothing has ever tasted as good as that ol' hamburger.  Then we went for "a shave and a haircut" ... that I wasn't so sure about.


I have to tell you I was a little shocked when they dropped that clipper onto my back ... I'd always had this big matted, raggedy fur suit, so I wasn't real sure what was up with that.  But after the haircut I felt about 10 pounds lighter and 20 degrees cooler.  I was happy they hadn't shaved my head or my tail, but I sure didn't want to look in a mirror. 

Then PLUNK PLUNK, SPISH SPLASH ... I was taking my first bath.  Well, it was a hot day and I was a dirty dog who liked water, so I was thinking life was pretty sweet for someone who was only a couple hours out of the dog jail.  Then I got all dried off, buffed, fluffed and brushed.  I was stylin ...


Then she took me to a kennel at something called a vet.  The dogs there were pretty nice and they all said they had homes.  They asked about mine and I told them I had no clue.  I told them about the dog jail.  Some of them had been there, others couldn't believe such a place existed -- they are the lucky ones and I hope they never have to go there.   I had a good dinner at the vet's kennel and curled up and slept like a baby all night.


The next morning was really busy around there.  Everyone but me got breakfast and I just sat there and watched them eat.  I'm a good eater, so I wasn't real happy about that.  Then the girl came with a leash and brought me out.  I met the vet.  A nice enough individual .. and I got shots and they took some of my blood to check for "heart worms" ... which I am happy to say I did not have.  Then they lead me into this other room, put me up on a table and told me it was time for a nap.  I thought "Seriously?  REALLY?  On this cold metal table you think I'm gonna go to sleep?"  And that was the last thing I remember until I woke up.


Waking up wasn't such a good thing at first.  I was still really tired and I had on this big butt plastic thing and I couldn't seem to find my boys.  I went back to sleep.  When I woke back up, little Ozzie told me the boys had gone MIA while we were asleep on the metal table.  Now THAT was not something I was expecting but I thought about it for awhile (while rubbing that stupid plastic collar up and down the length of my kennel ... it made a big click click click noise when I walked up and down.  Hey, I was bored and thinking ... so then I decided if I was going to get good food and a clean place with nice people, maybe it was ok that the boys were gone, but I just hoped they found a good home too.  I dunno.  All in all, it was a busy couple of days and a lot for a dog to think about.


Then I took a really long ride to a place called Colorado. I've been really busy since I came to Blue Moon. I have learned to walk on a lead, and I went to school, where I did really well and learned a lot of cool stuff about how to act, and how to walk, and just how to be a really cool dog. And I can assure you ... I am very cool.


Now I have everything I have ever wanted -- except a home. It's nice having people who are my friends, and it's terrific having enough to eat and a good place to sleep. But what I really want is somebody I can love and take care of.


Will it be you?




If you would like to learn more about adopting Ozzie the Karafuto Akita, please send a note to



posted 9/8/12

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